I run a couple of SDR-recievers, one of which is currenly available to the public at

This is a project done in conjunction with installing my radio-shack and the accompanying antennas at our family cabin. Since the antenna park is left unused whenever I’m away, I wanted to have them available to others by the means of a online SDR-radio.

The shack.
The SDRplay RSPduo.

In this setup, I am using a SDRplay RSPduo, a dual-tuner radio with a total of 3 antenna inputs. The OpenWebRX software is running on a HP EliteDesk 800 G2, which gives plenty performance for many listerens. In addition there is for a fiber connection, which means latency towards the end-user should be low.

The antenna park

The antenna currently connected to the RSPduo are the following:

  • random length wire (27m), presented as “Hi-Z Xm”
  • 80m dipole with 1:1 balun (choke), presented as “Dipole Xm”
  • 20m windom antenna with 1:4 balun, presented as “Windom Xm”
The 80m dipole antenna with the EAntenna 1:1DB1,5 balun

I also have plans of adding a active whip-antenna, but have been unsuccesful in making them work properly despite my numerous attempts, including eliminating switch-mode PSUs, grounding all possible points of the antenna and even swapping it for a (previously) working sample.